Lenape And Cherokee High Schools

FIRST Robotics Competition 

Teams FRC 2720 & FRC 2722  (formerly FRC 2729)

120 Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton, NJ 08053


Sponsoring the Storm Robotics Teams is a great way to heighten your company’s visibility and awareness in the community.  Our teams compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition throughout New Jersey, E. Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and when we compete, you compete. Major team sponsors are all announced and represented at District, Regional, and Championship events the team competes in. Team sponsors are also visible with the team as we post them in our pit, at our sponsored events, and on our annual sponsor T-shirt, which the team and its supporters wear at competitions. We invite you to join our program with your sponsorship of our team. The lists below will highlight the ways our program will recognize your donation. Your generous donations assure the success of this program and our endeavor to inspire and encourage young people to apply their talents and energy to the fields of math, science, and technology in preparing for careers in engineering, machining, and manufacturing. Please contact us if you would like to meet our team, have a demonstration of our robot, or want more information.


This is a list of accomplishments that Storm Robotics achieved as FRC 2729 since we were established in 2009.


FRC 2720

The Red Watch Robotics team is made up of students from Lenape High School.  In their 2023 season, Red Watch won awards at the FMA District Seneca Event for District Championship Dean's List Semi-Finalist (Akshay Musalimadugu) and Innovation in Control Award.

Learn more about the team at their website: https://www.redwatchrobotics.com/


FRC 2722

The Charge Robotics team is made up of students from Cherokee High School.  In their 2023 season, Charge won the Team Spirit Award at FMA District Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Event and the Quality Award at FMA District Seneca Event.

Learn more about the team at their website: https://www.chargerobotics.org/


The FIRST Program was developed "to create a world where science and technology are celebrated...where young people dream of being science and technology heroes.“ Conceptualized by Dean Kamen, a research scientist in the field of robotics, the FIRST program seeks to combine the rigors of academic excellence with the excitement of sports. Learn more at http://www.firstinspires.org.

Forms of Sponsorship

Money: All checks should be made payable to Storm Robotics Booster Parent Support Team

Materials and Services: Our team is always in need of supplies. Please contact us for a list of materials and services that would be appropriate for donation for building a robot or marketing a team.

Food: We meet six days a week during the build season and the students work long hours through meals. Please contact us if you can donate food or beverages to the team.

NOTE: Our nonprofit (501c3) status EIN number is 81-3846719

Please attach the following information to your donation and mail it to

Cherokee High School c/o Nathan Knauss

Storm Robotics Booster Parent Support Team 

120 Tomlinson Mill Road Marlton, NJ 08053 

Sponsorship Levels

Bronze $250

Thank You letter with a team picture

Business name listed on our website

Silver $500

Bronze Level +

Business logo on the sponsor t-shirt

Business logo in the pit

Gold $1000

Silver Level +

Robot reveal

Business logo on the robot

Platinum $2500

Gold Level +

May request a facility visit and formal presentation during build season.

Corporate Sponsors Include:

Lockheed Martin, NBC Universal, NAVAIR, Department of Defense STEM

Check us out on social media @stormroboticsnj and #clapclapwhoosh

Find out more about our Storm Robotics Teams at https://www.stormroboticsnj.org/

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our team.  Please click the link to access the sponsor form: Sponsorship FormIf you have any questions, please contact us at stormroboticsboosters@gmail.com.

STORM Robotics Teams

FRC 2720 & FRC 2722