2021 Achievements

FMA District Chairman's Award

FMA District Championship Chairman's Award

Storm Robotics 2021 FRC Season

Due to the pandemic, FIRST offered teams projects that could be done virtually, while still implementing concepts of STEM.  The projects offered were Inifinite Recharge at Home, Game Design Challenge, and FIRST Innovation Challenge.

Game Design Challenge

Teams were given the opportunity to create an FRC game that teams would be able to compete in.  The game design had to include game name, field elements, game rules, field elements, etc.  One of the game elements had to include a part from the Kickoff Kit.

Innovation Challenge

Teams were able to design a solution to a real-world problem, create a business model, and deliver a pitch to the FIRST judges.  The theme of the problem had to incorporate physical and/or mental health and fitness.

Infinit Recharge at Home

FIRST offered a Judges Award and Skills Competition in the Infinity Recharge at Home option.  The Judges Award allowed students to show off their robot's technical qualities; while the skills competition allowed drivers to shot their robot's abilities.

Business & Marketing

Our Business and Marketing department kept busy this season completing the team's branding standards, as well as applying for awards offered by FIRST.  BAM's Chairman's presenters represented the team well this year earning Storm two Chairman's Awards, FIRST's highest honor.

Storm Robotics 2021 Post Season

Our 2021 post season offered team members an opportunity to continue participating the team through in-person, hybrid, and fully virtual projects.  Virtual projects offered students an opportunity to learn and create designs within OnShape, a web-based CAD design program.  T-Shirt Canon Bot gave students the ability to get some hands on experience designing and creating this year.  Business & Marketing focused on Outreach projects and preparing the team for next year.  The Innovation team work on development of their mental health app, Otium.