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2020 Achievements

FMA District Hatboro-Horsham Event

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Storm Robotics Technical Binder is a resource to educate others on our teams goals, strategies, and implementation throughout the FRC build season.

Storm has designed and implemented scouting apps for each years game that has been downloaded by hundreds of teams worldwide.  New features include a defense timer and robot map.

Weekly Recap

Here is a video documentation of Storm's six week build season, as well as our video for our Critical Design Review presented at Lockheed Martin.

The team meets once a week to learn the departments of the teams, and various roles within the departments.  Team members are being trained to utilize machines, tools, and different software as we prepare for the 2020 FRC Season.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Teams from the area are welcome to join us annually for breakfast, workshops, the live broadcast, and their kit of parts before heading back to their work locations to start their season.  

This event is sponsored by Lockheed Martin and the Lenape Regional High School District.

Learn about the history of STORM Robotics, FRC 2729, as well as our past FTC teams, and our achievements throughout the years.