Mr. Nathan Knauss

Mr. Knauss (aka K-Bear) is Storm's lead mentor and co-founder. He has a BS in Tech Ed from TCNJ as well as a M.Ed in STEM Curriculum & Instruction. He is a teacher at Cherokee High School, winning teacher of the year for 2020. He teaches electronics and engineering courses at Cherokee High School. In 2019 Mr. Knauss was awarded a Blue Banner as a Woodie Flowers.

Mr. Joshua Smith

Mr. Smith returned to Storm in 2016 after having been a member for two years beginning in 2010. He teaches metalshop and Project Lead the Way and metalshop at Lenape High School. He primariy mentors students that are a part the mechanical department.

Ms. Sue-Ann Miller

Ms. Miller teachers technology classes at Lenape High School. Bringing experience from FTC, Ms. Miller became a Storm FRC mentor in 2019.

Ms. Shaniqua Brown

Ms. Brown has been a part of the FIRST Community . She was on Team 87's graphics team as a student in high school. In the past she has also mentored Team 1647 the Iron Devils. She now works with Storm's Business and Marketing department. She teaches various technology classes, specializing in TV broadcasting. She has been best friends with Mr. Knauss for over ten years.

Mr. Jim Hessler

Mr. Hessler is a co-founder of Storm Robotics. Even after retirement from a long career of teaching at Lenape High School, he continues to mentor students on the robotics team. He is usually found in the metal shop helping out Mechanical.

Mr. Zachary Bross

Mr. Bross started mentoring the team in 2018. Before coming to Storm, he founded and mentored Team 5113 the Combustable Lemons. He teaches physics at Lenape High School. At Storm, he primarily works with the software department.

Mr. Ed Cohen

Mr. Cohen has been mentoring Storm since 2010. He has a passion for sustainability. He also impresses students with magic tricks. He has a magic show to raise awareness on sustainable energy. His daughter, Rebecca, is a storm alum. He runs his own company that works with mail sorting.

Lockheed Martin Mentors

Mark Starling

Kirby Corr

Nikin Chahwala

Kanay Patel

Matthew Anderson

Other Mentors

James Hing - NAVAIR

Steve Scanlon

Ryan Bohinski - JP Morgan Chase

Rebecca Cohen - Storm Alum