Storm Scouting Radar 2020



Defense Timer - Allows you to keep track of how long a robot plays defense. This gives better measure of a robot's scoring cycle times.


Robot Map - Allows you to record which one preferred position the robot scores the power cells from. Depending on the alliance color, the layout will show either a red map or a blue map. There are seven positions sectioned out in the map:

a) Between the shield and opposing alliance's initiation line.

b) The front of the shield and towards robot alliance scoring zone.

c) Behind the control panel (wheel) in the Trench Run.

d) In front of the control panel in the Trench Run.

e) Area between shield and robot alliance's initiation line

f) Area between alliance's initiation line and scoring ports.

g) Scoring port safety zone.

Look at the user guide titled "Storm Scouting Radar" under section "Scoring Locations".

Counters: Plus and minus buttons for keeping track of how many power cells are scored in each port during autonomous, teleop, and endgame, along with power cell pickup during auto. Other scoring features: rotation control, position control, whether the robot hung on the generator switch, hung level, parked on the rendezvous point, etc.

QR generator: After data is inputted, the option to generate a QR generates a QR code to be scanned by the Storm Scouting Radar 2020 Master.

We do recommend tablets, but the app is functional on phones as well.