Q: Is there one team for both Cherokee and Lenape students?

A: Yes and no. Each school has their own FRC teams respectively at Cherokee and Lenape High Schools. Both teams work collaboratively under Storm Robotics sharing ideas, resources, sponsors, and working together in various outreach projects. Both teams are supported by the Storm Robotics Parent Boosters.

Q: Do I need to have experience in robotics to make the team?

A: No, you don't. We are a teaching robotics team which means that we train our members in what they need to know in order to contribute to our team. The only thing we ask is that our members are open and good learners.

Q: Can I do other sports and activities and still do robotics?

A: Yes and no. Any sport or activity that requires daily attendance during the months of January and February will prevent you from being a part of the team. We meet daily after school during that time to prepare for competitions in March and April. Meetings are far less regular in March and April when we compete so students are able to do other activities but we do ask that they make accommodations to attend competitions on Saturday and Sundays. These competitions normally occur over three weekends during these months. Finally, we are fine with students attending other club meetings and extra help sessions with teachers after school but cannot have students miss multiple meetings in a week in January and February. We will always need to know of any absences ahead of time. Bottom line on attendance - The more you attend, the more your involved with the team and helping us compete at a high level.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in robotics?

All students must pay the $200 LRHSD Activity Fee to participate in robotics. The fee covers many activities, so it is good to get it taken care of early in the school year if you plan to do more than just robotics. If you only plan to do robotics, we'd suggest waiting to pay the activity in case you do not make the team. There are other costs to participate on the team to cover uniform and food expenses. Those costs and purchases are facilitated by our Parent Booster Team.

Q: Why are there a fixed amount of spots on your team?

A: This primarily has to do with shop safety and maintaining a safe working environment with our teachers.

Q: What can I work on as a member of the robotics team?

A: We have a lot of opportunities to do many things related to engineering, business, and marketing on our team. If you have an interest in any of these topics, you're going to get a lot from being a member of our program. Check out the slide show and team handbook to learn more about specific roles and topics within our team. Some example roles on our teams include:

      • CAD designer

      • App designer

      • Robot code writer

      • Business planner

      • Video and graphics editor

      • Scout and strategist for competition

      • Project lead