About The Team

FRC team 2729 was founded in 2008 by Nathan Knauss and James Hessler, teachers at Cherokee and Lenape High Schools. They separated from Iron Devils team 1647, who are currently made up of students from Shawnee and Seneca High Schools. In 2010, Storm created the Typhoons, FTC Team 4390. In 2013, another FTC team, Team 7433: The Cyclones, was founded. Additionally, in 2017, our third FTC team, The Whirlwinds, Team 13290, was founded. In 2018, at the World Championship in Detroit, Team 2729 won the Gracious Professionalism award.

Storms Mission Statement:

The objective of Storm Robotics is to foster collaboration, knowledge, and gracious professionalism, while sustaining team companionship to create valuable experiences, inspire student interests and a legacy for future generations to look back upon.

It is the goal of the Storm Robotics Boosters Parent Support Team to aid in the success of the Storm Robotics Team by promoting fundraising, organizing events and promoting teamwork.

Parent Booster Club Website: http://www.frc2729boosters.org/

Learn more about Storm's teacher mentor's, as well as engineers, returning alumni, and others that help the team throughout the season.

Learn about the history of STORM Robotics, FRC 2729, as well as our past FTC teams, and our achievements throughout the years.